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I'm sure you've seen a million products and ebooks hyped on the web that fall short with their claims. I'm claiming that I can help your site catapult to the top of Google search rankings. If you will pay close attention to the tactics (all "white hat" seo techniques I have used over the years and continue to use today), you can see amazing results.

Fast Results ... or Slower Results?

Some of you reading this are in industries of light competition in Google search and may see fast results in just days of applying several key techniques I advise on.

Others of you face terrific odds due to the huge amount of competition you may currently face in the search engines and all out monopolies some companies appear to have in Google.

If that's you, please pay close attention to specific techniques I advise on -- that pertain to this challenge you face -- and then be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work ... or even possibly relocate your business entirely. In this program, you'll read all about how strategic relocation can quickly transform your Google rankings when you leave a heavily populated city and head to a distant suburb.

You just went from small fish in a big pond to big fish in a small pond and can become an overnight success, figuratively speaking.

There's More to Come... Check Back Soon

I'm going to extraordinary lengths with this new program, For the next several weeks I hope to keep you busy using HIGHLY USEFUL TACTICS TO BOOST YOUR RANKINGS IN GOOGLE. There is enough information currently in this program to help you make a lot more money with your business.

But It Gets Better

It's going to get better as I add to the program in the coming months and include detailed expert analysis of several dozen small companies in America that have been huge web successes.

As a long time researcher, writer, and business owner, I am driven to break down what makes one company successful vs so many others that fail. I know that there is a science taking place behind it all, and it is going to be explored in major ways in upcoming sections in this program. Your $8 per month membership fee keeps you in the loop, and you will be notified by email anytime a new section is added to

Bonus ... Complete Article Outlines You Can Use to Publish Hot Content to Your Site

In the coming weeks I will provide several sample layouts for hot content -- content that keeps readers engaged and helps boost your site in Google rankings. These will include dozens of sample, attention grabbing headlines that you can tweak to your particular product or service, and sample opening paragraphs and subheadlines that you can also tweak, all for the goal of engaging readers, calling people to action, and getting better results than you may have ever seen in the past.

Don't Plagiarize

Whatever you do, don't copy and past these articles word for word -- that can get you penalized in Google. Instead, study the way these outlines read, the way the headlines build suspense and capture attention, and the way calls to action are used within each outline to help move the reader toward your final goal outcome.

Let's Begin

Multiple websites I've worked on over the years have achieved # 1 spots in Google search for a variety of sought after search phrases. These websites have scored me a lot more than just readers and customers. One website, for example, landed me an interview in a major publication, Maxim Magazine (January, 2003), where I was interviewed about a men's dating guide I was marketing on the web. That dating guide later landed me on television in a live interview on the Rick Sanchez Show on NBC-6 in Miami, Florida (Rick Sanchez later went to CNN).

If It Wasn't for Attention Grabbing Copy, I Wouldn't Have Gotten Anywhere

I used professional copywriting 101 to capture the attention of Maxim, the producers of the Rick Sanchez Show and a reporter from the BBC (somewhere else down the line), and of course all the people that were buying my dating guide.

I still use many of these same attention-grabbing techniques to sell content and services and ultimately boost web site rankings in Google Search -- that's where the vast majority of my readers and customers are generated. That is where I consider myself an expert and hope that what I share with you within this program hits the mark and you are able to apply much of what you're going to learn here.

From Seattle to Miami

During that interview in Miami I appeared along side a reporter from the Miami Herald and, by the time it was over, both the reporter from the Miami Herald (I can't recall her name, it's been several years) and Rick Sanchez himself had given me incredible, encouraging and positive compliments pertaining to the dating guide I had published; I used their quotes to help me go on to make a lot of money marketing that dating guide over the next few years before finally selling all rights to my program and publications to a much larger company. That company took my name off it and put their own name on it.

I walked away with a bunch of money and was glad to move on to more important things in life.

Enough Said

Though I've had a lot of success in different ways from the web, and have worked for larger companies, and helped specific companies achieve # 1 rankings and then hold these spots for several months at a time, it is worth saying that one of my personal websites STILL HOLDS THE NUMBER ONE SPOT for many competitive search phrases, and that's in a highly competitive market and, in some instances, these are rankings that have held in place with only slight fluctuations for several years or longer.

Personal Consultation for Hire

As you can imagine, I get a lot of emails every day in my areas of business that I work. But don't let that stop you from contacting me personally for professional consultation (paid by the hour), or for any specific questions you have related to subjects covered in my program. I may not be able to get back you that same day, but I will get back to you as soon as I can that week, by phone or by email, your preference there.

Thank you for giving this program a chance and I wish you the best in all your internet and business endeavors. There's enough in this program to put you quickly on the right path toward long term success in Google.


Ken Wilson
Author / Creator

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