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How to Boost Your Site in Google

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The path of an aspiring writer pursuing a career in writing from the web can mean several years of writing numerous articles for a variety of publishers and or companies that only succeeds in boosting their profits (from your writing) and keeping you living paycheck to paycheck.

I can relate to that. 20 years ago I was an aspiring writer going nowhere! So I became a publisher instead and, without any training or knowing what I was doing, I built a hugely successful business by my late twenties. (I later parted with that business and took a huge paycut -- but the incredible lessons I learned along the way are still here and packed into my program to teach you and other aspiring writers how to write for yourself and easily monetize your own website, potentially generating thousands of dollars a month in profit, year after year.)

Ken Wilson, creator of My Google Secrets - SEO Success Tips
y name is Ken Wilson, I'm a veteran web marketer launching this dynamic new program,, to share with the public over 17 years of personal experience and tactics helping commercial websites, including my own web sites, gain high or number one rankings in Google. I'm a professional writer, copywriter and an expert with HTML coding sites and optimizing for search engine rankings.

Over 17 Years of Personal Experience and My Google Ranking Secrets Packed in this Program

Those skills and that experience led me to publish this online guide,, to help small companies, organizations, aspiring writers and artists, even athletes who want to be discovered by scouts, etc., etc., rank higher in Google against major online competition including billion dollar Fortune 500 companies that push many small companies out of the top rankings of Google search.

In the Modern Day, Every Online Entrepreneur Can Benefit from Knowing How to Rank at the Top of Google

• Get Your Amazon Shopping Lists Ranking at the Top of Google Search

• Get Your monetized YouTube Videos Ranking at the Top ...

• Get Your Online Store Ranking at the Top and Standing Out from the Competition

• Get Your Small Business Web Site ... at the Top also and Making Huge Increases in Sales

Google Organic Search Results are FREE ... and Can Make Your Website Hugely Successful

All these and more happen as your site starts showing up high in the organic search results of Google and Google proceeds to send you FREE, highly targeted traffic that can convert into buyers and or subscribers extremely well.

Remember the Chuck Liddell / Tito Ortiz II Fight From the Previous Decade?

I had planned ahead for that match up, had an "amped up" article in Google way before the competition was writing much on it, and when that much hyped UFC match up finally took place my article on an extreme sports and MMA site I owned shot to the top of Google. Over the next 48 hours that article scored over 40,000 visits. Following that fight, for the next few days the MMA world, including the producers, fighters, coaches, and major players in the industry, as well as the countless numbers of fans that were doing searches on Google now knew my website (I had several at the time -- some I sold for large amounts of money to big companies).

How did I do it?

With careful planning... and I have done that with other articles on other websites since.

That's just one tactic of many I breakdown and detail in my program. Keep reading!

What's Inside

A New, Dynamic Program that Teaches Easy and Detailed Steps to Success in Google Search

Long Lasting Success in Google Search Starts With...

How to Write, Code, and Design Your Website So Visitors LOVE Your Site ... And Google Rewards You With a #1 Ranking

have been paid tens of thousands of dollars from clients... earning clients close or more to the 1 million dollar mark. My own sites have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, earning me close to 1 million dollars from the web.

have been hired to help web clients rank high in Google and I continue to earn money year after year, coming in and helping websites work toward and periodically achieve top rankings in Google.

have created this program to help new web designers and developers, and those that are tired of achieving meager results, with landing high, long lasting rankings in Google.

Now it's your turn.

I give you a set of detailed, easy steps to follow that can transform your success on the web and, depending on your industry, potentially make you huge amounts of money.

These are 100% white hat seo techniques that Google loves.

Right from the start, your website can be on the fast track to Google success.

Ready for a sneak peak at this program?

Table of Contents (SNEAK PEAK)

SEO: Using Powerful Marketing Buzzwords and Hook Phrases

Target Less Competitive Search Phrases for Fast Google Rankings

Use Google Maps to Get a Fast Google Listing

Boost Google Rankings With a Lightning-Fast Web Design

Trust is Important to Keeping Reader's Engaged ... and Boosting Your Google Ranking

Are You Currently an SEO Expert?

Congratulations. As you probably know your skills are in high demand in today's digital world, and if you're good at SEO (search engine optimization), you stand to make a lot of money on the web, whether for yourself, or for clients, or both.

If you're skilled at SEO, much of the first few chapters of my program may be tactics you currently employ to help sites rank higher in Google and other search engines. But as you spend more time reading, you should discover some unique tactics I have learned and employed over the years, some of which may be new tools you can start using with your existing skill set to achieve even more results.

At the end of the day, if it makes you more money, the program will have more than paid for itself.

This program sells for pennies vs the results you can get from it.

Cost: $37

Recurring Monthly Membership Fee: $8

Table of Contents (SNEAK PEAK)

SEO: Using Powerful Marketing Buzzwords and Hook Phrases

Target Less Competitive Search Phrases for Fast Google Rankings

Use Google Maps to Get a Fast Google Listing

Boost Google Rankings With a Lightning-Fast Web Design

Trust is Important to Keeping Reader's Engaged ... and Boosting Your Google Ranking

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